Shiner Fresh Hop IPA

The limited-edition beer is made using premium Amarillo hops which were harvested at the notable Crosby Hop Farm in Woodburn, Oregon – known for their best in class products. The hand-select hops were closely monitored through harvest, cut from the bine at the peak of freshness and driven over two thousand miles to Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, TX where they were immediately placed in brew kettles – a 36 hour, non-stop process.

Shiner Fresh Hop IPA is a crisp, refreshing and fragrant beer yet bold enough to tout an impressive 65 IBU. Putting a unique twist on the hop-forward style, this flavor-packed brew has aromatic hints of apricot and peach with subtle grassy, citrusy notes – an unmatched taste that can only be achieved with fresh hops. The Russet red hued brew is best enjoyed as soon as possible at a suggested serving temperature of 50-55° F to maintain freshness.

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