Divine Reserve No. 17

If you travel from England to Russia through the Baltic Sea you might get a sense of the origins of the Baltic Porter. It is a beer that pulls on the traditions of the British Porter, the Russian Imperial Stout and the lagers of Central Europe. The style dates back to the 18th century.

Divine Reserve No. 17 is a big, rich porter that is deceptively drinkable and well balanced for its 9.2% ABV. It has a pleasant sweetness that balances the roastiness of the beer without being cloying. We achieved this by using a combination of malts – Munich malt as the base, Chocolate Wheat and Brown malts for color and roastiness, and flaked oats to round out the body.

A healthy amount of Perle hops creates a balancing bitterness that is disguised by the body of the beer. The Old Bavarian lager yeast used in this beer is the same yeast used in 5 O’ Clock Pils, Spring Bock and Summer Pils. This is the first lager we’ve brewed for the Divine Reserve series.

Divine Reserve No. 17 is best served at 50

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