BBH With Cherries

If you like darker, more robust ales & you also have a penchant for whiskey, you may have just reached the promised land. We took our Hellfighter Imperial Porter & aged it in bourbon barrels for several months to draw in the character from the barrels. Further down the road, sweet cherries were added to the barrel to awaken fermentation once again. Luscious cherry flavor intermingles with the rich vanilla, chocolate & oak. Bourbon Barrel Aged Hellfighter with Cherries is a special brew that is best enjoyed with hearty foods, decadent desserts or the finest cigars. Ready to drink in a snifter-style glass @ 40-50*F, this fine ale will also benefit from years of cellaring under the proper conditions. 75% aged in Jack Daniels barrels, 22% aged in Woodford Reserve barrels, 3% aged in Old Forester barrels. Released: December 2016.

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