Unicorn On Acid

For lack of a better category. This is technically a lacto soured brett wheat beer. All flavors are from the yeast, microbes and grains. There is NO fruit in this. We repeat – not one tiny shred of fruit in this. It’s all in your head. Ohhhh shit, there’s a fu@k!n unicorn sitting next to you. Maaaaan, you must be losing it now. Just drink the damn beer and pull your head together and pretend nobody notices you freaking out. Try to make mundane conversation so everyone thinks you’re normal… Enough with our dumb stories and onto the real info – This brightly acidic product of a mixed culture fermentation is topped with a beautiful array of tropical fruit aromas and flavors. We’d tell you how we made it but we just don’t want to. With all seriousness, all that were used in this are sour microbes, yeast, wheat, barley, water and hops.

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