Cosmic Ristretto

“Ristretto Cosmic Black Lager” as the third iteration in a continuing series of Genius Lab inventions. We’ve taken various aspects from some our favorite beer styles to create a big, bold, black lager worthy of the Green Flash name. The malt bill boasts of chocolate and roast malts that provide a black color with dark brown hues. A healthy charge of Northern Brewer is added up front for a clean bitter that is later accompanied by Belgian candy sugar and lactose for complex balance. The lactose and Belgian candy sugar together add a creamy texture and subtle sweetness to the roast and chocolate flavors. Lagering after cold fermentation lends an overall fine character and smoothness to the brew. Finishing off the brew we blend in cold pressed espresso, bold enough to be tagged Ristretto (a concentrated shot of espresso) taking the brew to yet another dimension.

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